• Aquasprint – a summer water-cycle sport which combines any type and/or shapes of racing boats which are moved by oars or paddles and only by athletes’ muscular force to participate in 100-meter race competitions
  • Four-boat classes in Men & Women disciplines:


  • In a race of any Aquasprint boat class take part no more than 4 boats



  • The Best Time progression system determines finalists
  • Aquasprinter – an athlete, a racing participant of any Aquasprint race
  • Official time & records are registered in each boat class



  • Physical and special training of aquasprinters are significantly different from the training of athletes in Classical Racing Sports (CRS) – Canoe, Rowing, and Kayak
  • CRS – the main physical quality: speed endurance
  • Aquasprint – the main physical quality: quickness (max speed)
  • Official shortest racing distance in Rowing – 2000 m; Kayak & Canoe sports – 200 m; Aquasprint – 100 m
  • Aquasprinters compete in any type and/or shape of racing boats in the same race for determining the speediest boat in the World as never before
  • Aquasprint exclusive 100 meters sprint distance allows fans not to lose intrigue of rivalry from start to finish
  • Participation in the same race on different types and shapes of boats creates an additional intrigue in Aquasprint
  • The short racing distance in Aquasprint allows races to be held at short intervals that allows fans not to lose intrigue of rivalry
  • Training centers and clubs of CRS are created on ponds with long training distances. Aquasprint is not required to have such a training range. Aquasprint has an extensive prospect for its development in cities and towns with limited training routes on the water
  • Eliminating classical standards, Aquasprint gives manufacturers an extra boost in the production of boats, oars/paddles and related equipment to increasing boat speed


Aquasprint cannot be considered a duplicate to CRS due to the following criteria:

  • Main physical quality of athletes’ development
  • A system of training
  • Variety of boats, oars/paddles, and equipment designs
  • Length of racing distance
  • Length of the training route


Aquasprint does not distinguish any CRB (Classical Racing Boats) or other boat types as an exclusive, more speedy or preferred sport for participation. The key factors to determine the best crew in Aquasprint are the classical criteria:

  • Improvement of hydrodynamic characteristics of boats
  • Creation of optimal forms of oars/paddles
  • Improving technique
  • Training of athletes: physical, special, psychological, etc.


The Official Aquasprint Racing Rules will be provided to relevant sports organization for Aquasprint National Federation registration if the interested organization provides legal evidence for such activities


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