Aquasprint Open

Aug-Sep 2021

Aquasprint Grand Prix

May-Aug 2022

Aquasprint Grand Prix

May-Aug 2023

Dear friends,

For us it’s a privilege to introduce you to a new racing sport – Aquasprint. It has two main areas of development – amateur and professional. Today is the time for athletes to get to the start of the 100 meter sprint race at a professional level of the professional league…

For many years we have been asking ourselves a question related to the sports that we once chose – rowing, kayaking and canoe: “What could be done to make boat racing sports more popular?”

Exhausting training on the water in rain and snow, on waves and between ice floes, in heat and cold, we wind thousands of kilometers.  And again, and again, we forced ourselves to do it, driven by the desire to get to the start and measure our strength against other racers. The hours, minutes and seconds before the start, when the pre-start excitement is revealed, and the first 50-100 meters of a race – are the most exhilarating moments for many racers. Most likely, many of us are sprinters by nature and attaining max speed is more catching than excelling at speed-endurance in races. Without a doubt, if Aquasprint existed for a long time, many of us would choose it, choose 100 m race. And now, in 2021, it has become possible for athletes who love max speed on the water.

We would like to especially appeal to the manufacturers of sports racing boats. This is your time, the time to start the Race of Mind to reveal the talents of designers, as in Aquasprint there are minor design restrictions.

Dear friends, we believe that Aquasprint will find its stylish audience in which some will call themselves Aquasprinters, others – Aquasprint Fans. And as never before we can say – this is the fastest racing boat in the World; this athlete is the fastest boat racer in the World and he is Aquasprinter.  

The Time is set to find out the Fastest Racing Boat in the World!

See you at the Race

World Aquasprint League


  • What is the fastest racing boat in the World
  • Who is the fastest aquasprinter in the World
  • Which Aquasprint Elling is the most advanced in the World


… it’s all about the World Aquasprint League – professionals, technologies, speed and a new style for gifted athletes & fans


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